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Nov 23, 2017 international
Blamey’s Garden, Papua New Guinea

Project overview

  •  Conservation Management Plan for the public domain
  • Undertaken in 2012-2015
  • Approximately $50K


  • PNG Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC now Conservation and Environment Authority)

From 2012 to 2016 Extent Heritage investigated a small site outside Port Moresby, near the Laloki River, known as Blamey’s Garden. Named after General Thomas Blamey, Commander of Allied Forces SW Pacific during WWII, it was though for many years to be his headquarters. The research and site survey revealed that the site was planned as a rest and recreation area for soldiers recuperating in PNG, with paths, plantings and outlooks established to provide a garden setting.


The garden site is an historically significant site designed by Australian authorities but incorporating a local myth site. The site is also important for its historical associations with the senior Australian military figure of WWII as well as being associated with other sites in the Laloki River valley set up to supply the Allied defence of PNG against the Japanese.

The Project

AHMS (now Extent Heritage) was engaged to undertake the first survey of the site and also establish if it was in fact Blamey’s Headquarters. The survey revealed a relic planned landscape set out with stone lined pathways, exotic plantings and scenic viewpoints. The site is a rare and significant archaeological site with a significant cultural association for the local people.

The DEC commissioned AHMS to complete a comprehensive Conservation Management Plan to guide future conservation of the site.

Download the Project Sheet here