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Sep 05, 2017 built & urban heritage
Country Rail Network Timber Underbridges Study

Project overview

  • Heritage Assessment and Conservation Management Strategy
  • Completed September 2016
  • Approximately $30K


  • John Holland Group

The expansion of the railway network in regional NSW did not arise from the need to support commuter traffic but rather because of agricultural exploitation fueled European settlement of the interior. The railways made it possible for the resources from the outback to reach major ports cheaply and quickly.


The timber underbridges, in their various types and conditions are important relics, evidence of times of political and financial uncertainty, as well as of ingenuity and resourcefulness over financial and logistical challenges.

The Project

Extent were commissioned to develop and complete a Heritage Assessment and Conservation Management Strategy to:

  • Update baseline records for each bridge.
  • Provide a historical analysis of timber railway bridges throughout NSW, to build the contextual background.
  • Review existing CRN heritage and Conservation Register (S170 Register) data pertaining to the sites included, and to update Statement’s of Significance if required.
  • Comparative analysis and typological analysis of the bridges.
  • Provide management options based on a synthesis of relevant management variables.
  • Preparation of a range of conservation strategies and options specific to this asset type using a matrix structure.

Download the Project Sheet here