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Sep 05, 2017 built & urban heritage
East Maitland Glebe Cemetery

Project overview

  • Conservation Management Plan
  • Undertaken in 2014
  • Approximately $25K


  • Maitland City Council

The Maitland Glebe Cemetery is highly significant for its age, intactness and its representative value as an early Anglican cemetery with the likely presence of earlier burials of other denominations. Maitland City Council commissioned an update to the Conservation Management Plan in response to planning and rezoning pressures that would have impacted directly on the cemetery and potential unmarked graves.


The East Maitland Glebe Cemetery is a rare town burial ground retaining much of its original setting and relationship to its associated glebe lands. The cemetery holds the remains of people of local and national importance. The monuments are of almost universal high quality from simple headstones to the highly elaborate vault structures, whose varying placement and denominations indicate the haphazard regulation of the place in its earlier years. The quarry site not only demonstrates primitive quarrying technique but is also a major plant sanctuary, representative of the predominant rainforest species existing prior to European occupation.

The Project

In July 2014, Extent Heritage were contracted as archaeological consultants to assist in preparing an updated Conservation Management Plan for East Maitland Glebe Cemetery. More specifically, Extent were involved in identifying the significance of the site and the archaeological potential in the context of development pressures in the immediate area.

  • Site inspection and ground truthing of potential archaeological features
  • Historical research.
  • Provide a summary of the historic development of the site.
  • Assess the archaeological potential for areas surrounding the sites.
  • Provision of recommendations with respect to the potential archaeology on and in the immediate vicinity.

Download the Project Sheet here