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Sep 05, 2017 built & urban heritage
John Holland Rail CRN S170 Update

Project overview

  • Update existing CRN Heritage and Conservation Register based on current data
  • Added new items to the Register based on assessment of significance
  • Commenced in 2016, in progress
  • Approximately $8,000.00


  • John Holland Rail Group

John Holland Rail Group are contracted to manage the maintenance and operation of RailCorp-owned assets within the Country Regional Network, consisting of a huge collection of assets including railway stations, bridges, watering facilities and residences. Of these assets, there are several hundred heritage assets registered on the CRN Heritage and Conservation Register, a large number of which are also of state significance and listed on the State Heritage Register. In 2015, Extent Heritage were commissioned by John Holland Rail to update Country Regional Network Heritage and Conservation Register. This statutory register itemises hundreds of heritage State and locally significant items. The update is part of the organisation’s obligations towards heritage assets under the NSW Heritage Act 1977.


The CRN Heritage and Conservation register itemises hundreds of heritage State and locally significant items that all contribute to the growth of the Railway network in regional NSW and the role this growth played in the development of regional urban centres, agriculture, transport, trade and communication.

The Project

Extent Heritage were commissioned to update the CRN Heritage and Conservation Register for all Overbridge, Underbridge, Railway Residences and Watering Facility asset types. Due to the online database structure, a dedicated Extent Heritage Advisor was allocated to work in-house within John Holland Offices to undertake the work. Tasks included:

  • Review new structure data for each item, including revised condition information, heritage status, etc.
  • Using new data, update existing listing for item which may include update of the Statement of Significance using the OEH Heritage Division guidelines and criteria for the assessing significance.
  • Updare data directly into John Holland online asset management database.

Download the Project Sheet here