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Dr Alan Williams
Oct 01, 2016
Aboriginal Heritage Team Leader

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Alan Williams


Alan Williams has over 16 years experience in Cultural Resource Management across all states of Australia. He has extensive knowledge and experience of Aboriginal heritage identification, recording, reporting and management. Alan also has experience in liaising and consultation with a wide range of Aboriginal stakeholders. Alan primarily works within NSW, and especially the Sydney Basin, and is an expert in heritage approval processes and archaeology of the region. He also has extensive experience in managing and running large-scale archaeological testing and salvage excavations, and is well-known for such works in deep sand bodies.
Alan also has skills in a range of soil, geomorphology, environmental and geochronological techniques, most notably his prevalent use of OSL dating. Through his experiences overseas (UK and South America), he also has a wide knowledge of other fields and techniques, including climate change, palynology, tephrochronology, sedimentology, geochemistry, diatom analysis, Coleoptera analysis and soil micromorphology, and lithics analysis.


PhD (under examination), The Australian National University
Masters of Quaternary Science, University of London
Bachelor (Hons) Joint Geography and Archaeology, University of Leicester


  • Aboriginal Heritage Management
  • Aboriginal Community Consultation
  • Archaeological Excavation
  • Environmental Archaeological Techniques

Select Publications

Williams, A.N., Mooney, S., Sisson, S., Marlon, J. (2015) Exploration of the Human-Fire Relationship of in Australia over the last 20,000 years. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 432: 49-57.

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Turney, C.S.M., Jones, R., Fogwill, C., Hatton, J., Williams, A.N., Hogg, A., Palmer, J., Mooney, S. (2015) A 250-year periodicity in southern hemisphere westerly winds over the last 2500 years. Climates of the Past. 11, 2159–2180.

Williams, A.N. (2015) A Continental Narrative: Human Environment Interactions across Australia using Time-Series Analysis. Unpublished PhD Thesis, The Australian National University.

Doelman, T., Webb, J., Williams, A.N., May, J., Barry, F. (2015) Paleochannels and patches: A geoarchaeological assessment of silcrete sources in the Cumberland Plain, Eastern Australia. Geoarchaeology, 30: 495-510.

Williams, A.N., Ulm, S. (2016) Radiometric dates are a robust proxy for long-term demographic change: A comment on Attenbrow and Hiscock (2015). Archaeology in Oceania, doi: 10.1002/arco.5095.

Turney, C.S.M., Jones, R.T., Lister, D., Jones, P., Williams, A.N., Hogg, A., Thomas, Z., Compo, G.P. Yin, X., Fogwill, C.J., Palmer, J., Colwell, S., Allan, R., Visbeck, M. (2016) Anomalous mid-twentieth century atmospheric circulation change over the South Atlantic compared to the last 6000 years. Environmental Research Letters, doi:10.1088/1748-9326/11/6/064009.

Williams, A.N. (2016) The impact of climate change on Australian Aboriginal hunter-gatherers and their response over the last 35,000 years. Climanosco, 24 Aug. 2016.