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Lucy Welsh
Oct 01, 2016
Heritage Advisor

Download Lucy Welsh’s CV here.

Lucy Welsh

Lucy has experience working in both historical heritage and Aboriginal archaeology. Specializing in Aboriginal studies, geography and environmental science at Monash University (2010-2013) Lucy completed a research thesis on Aboriginal Rock art and concepts of cultural interpretation. During her university career, Lucy worked in lithic analysis for the archaeology department using tools such as XRF analysis machines and sonic artefact cleaning equipment.

As a research assistant at Futurepast Heritage consulting in Sydney, Lucy contributed to a range of heritage projects that included site inspections, historical research and report preparation. Reporting consisted of archival recordings, due diligence assessments and statements of heritage impact. During her work in Sydney Lucy developed her GIS mapping skills through a pilot study of ‘The Rocks’ historical precinct. More recently Lucy has developed her use of GIS through the use of programs such as ArcGIS, illustrator and InDesign.

Since working at AHMS / Extent Lucy has worked as a field assistant on Aboriginal archaeological salvage excavations and complex assessments for cultural heritage management plans.


Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Monash University


  • Technical knowledge of Digital Surveying and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
  • Understanding of Victorian and Commonwealth heritage legislation and the preparation of Cultural Heritage Management Plans.