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In June 2017 Extent’s Dr Susan McIntyre-Tamwoy and Kylie Christian, visited the Torres Strait Islands to assist Torres Shire Council in the preparation of their new planning scheme. The Council’s approach is to comprehensively include and protect the cultural heritage of the region, including Kaurareg cultural heritage places.

The first step in the process was holding two workshops for people to discuss the places that they believed to hold significance and that needed protection under the new planning arrangement. The recent threat to one of the Kaurareg’s most sacred sites, Hammond Rock (Waubin), was a subject of particular interest to Kaurareg elders and highlighted the need for these discussions.

Indigenous sites have not previously been included in the Torres Shire Council’s planning scheme, however TSC is committed to changing this within the new scheme’s framework.

Anyone who has further information on heritage places that are important to them within the Torres Shire Council area can contact Susan on 0428 673 112 or at

Thursday Island Workshop

The Workshop on Horn Island – discussions included stories, places, people and cultural ties.

The workshop on Thursday Island – discussions about places of importance covering a range of perspectives.

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